Being Client First is Synonymous with Safety First.

For nearly 30 years, Keystone has managed our clients’ aircraft while pushing industry safety standards forward.

By: David M. Allen, Chief Operating Officer, Keystone Aviation

How Safety First Works

When you put the client first, you are putting the safety of the client first. Safety is not something you can do on an as needed basis, it must be practiced daily and be part of an organization's culture. Keystone Aviation has a long history of leading the charter industry in safety. Since our company was founded in 1995, we have continued to reinforce and strengthen our safety culture by increasing the expertise of our team and bolstering our safety standards.

The result of this sustained focus is an organization that our clients can count on to provide their families and businesses with safe transportation to their destinations and highly maintained aircraft. Our ability to maintain this level of safety stems from continuous training, a dedicated and experienced team, and most importantly  an integrated culture of safety.  


We require all flight crews to undergo a training program exceeding part 91 operations. For example, each pilot that operates an aircraft for charter has stricter training requirements. We train all our pilots to the highest standard regardless of whether they are flying 91 or 135. Our philosophy is to practice the highest level of safety regardless, and it becomes second nature for our flight crews and operations teams.  

An Experienced Team

Over the past 12 months, we have added more roles and experienced members to our team, including an experienced charter pilot as our Director of Training & Flight Operations. She has expanded our training programs for the flight crews. Our Director of Safety recently worked at Embraer Executive Aircraft, where he developed apps and other safety tracking and analysis systems used widely within the company. These new members complement an already very competent and experienced team.

An Integrated Culture of Safety

As part of the Elevate Aviation Group that manages and operates aircraft, we set the standard for safety for our integrated platform of services. An integrated safety culture is created through communication, internal safety newsletters, and tools such as the Flight Risk Analysis Tool (FRAT) to aid pilots. Being one of the earliest in the industry to begin voluntary implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) is a testament to the priority on safety. We maintain our Argus Platinum and Wyvern Wingman ratings, keeping us in the top 5% of operators worldwide.

Industry Involvement

Keystone Aviation was one of the original founding members of the Air Charter Safety Foundation and continues to serve in advisory board roles. This month the team will participate in the National Air Transportation Association's Air Charter Summit in Washington, D.C., to understand the regulatory landscape from top agency officials.  

Safety is embedded in everything we do. If you are an aircraft owner and are looking for an aircraft management company that put’s the client first, look no further than Keystone Aviation. 

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