Bombardier  Challenger 650
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3,756 nm
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10 Passengers
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41,000 ft
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488 kts
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Super Mid Jet
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Challenger 650 Private Jet Overview

Introduced in 2014 at the NBAA convention in Orlando, the Bombardier Challenger 650 is a top-tier private jet that redefines the standards of luxury and performance in the business jet category. Manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, it represents the epitome of sophistication and efficiency. This large cabin aircraft is renowned for its remarkable capabilities, offering passengers an exceptional travel experience.

Challenger 650 Interior Cabin

Cabin Design and Dimensions

The cabin design and dimensions of the Bombardier Challenger 650 are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a cabin length of approximately 28.4 feet (8.65 meters) and a cabin width of 8.17 feet (2.49 meters), the comfortable interior accommodates a variety of seating arrangements, providing flexibility and comfort for discerning travelers. The generous cabin height of 6.08 feet (1.85 meters) ensures unrestricted mobility and an atmosphere of grandeur.

Passengers aboard indulge in luxury with exquisite design elements and tasteful finishes. The cabin's contemporary aesthetics exude elegance and create a serene ambiance. Natural light fills the cabin through large windows, establishing a connection to the outside world and contributing to the sense of openness.

Avionics & Amenities

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, the Challenger 650 guarantees a safe and efficient flight experience. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line avionics suite, featuring the latest Pro Line 21 flight deck and flight management system, ensures precise navigation and superior situational awareness for pilots. The synthetic vision system enhances visibility, even in challenging weather conditions, allowing smooth and confident operations.

Passengers aboard revel in an array of amenities designed to enhance their journey. The cabin offers connectivity options to stay connected to the world below, enabling business productivity or relaxation while in the air. The spacious cabin can be tailored to individual preferences, with options such as a divan or conference table setup, facilitating collaboration or solitude. A lavatory is also available for added convenience.

Baggage & Cockpit

The Bombardier Challenger 650 excels in its cargo-carrying capabilities. With a generous baggage capacity of 115 cubic feet (35 cubic meters), there is ample room for passengers to bring their belongings, whether for business or leisure travel. The aircraft's baggage compartment is easily accessible, allowing hassle-free loading and unloading.

The cockpit is a testament to advanced technology and ergonomic design, providing pilots with a sophisticated and intuitive workspace. Equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line avionics suite, including the Pro Line 21 flight deck and flight management system, the cockpit ensures precise navigation and efficient operations. The intuitive layout of the cockpit controls, combined with the integration of advanced avionics, allows pilots a comprehensive understanding of the aircraft's systems and performance, enhancing situational awareness and enabling them to make informed decisions.

Pilots of the Challenger 650 benefit from the synthetic vision system, which provides them with a virtual representation of the outside world even in low visibility conditions. This enhances safety by offering a clear view of the terrain, obstacles, and airport surroundings. Additionally, the Multiscan weather radar system keeps the crew well-informed about real-time weather conditions, enabling them to plan routes effectively and avoid hazardous weather.

Challenger 650 Exterior

The design of the Challenger 650 jet maximizes performance and comfort during the flight. The jet's wingspan is 64.3 feet and is equipped with a high-speed Mach flight management system, making it capable of reaching maximum speeds of 488 knots (561 miles per hour/903 kilometers per hour). The maximum takeoff weight of the Challenger 650 jet is 48,200 pounds (21,863 kilograms).

Powered by two General Electric CF34 turbofan engines, this business jet delivers exceptional performance and reliability. These engines enable the aircraft to reach high-speed cruise levels and a maximum speed of Mach 0.63. These impressive capabilities meet the demands of long-range travel of up to 3,756 nautical miles.

Bombardier Challenger 650 Private Jet Specs

Max Payload 4,850 lb (2,200 kg)
Wingspan 64.3 ft (19.6 m)
Luggage Capacity 115 cu ft (35.05 cu m)
Avionics Collins Pro-Line Advanced
Total Cabin Volume 1,146 cu ft (349.3 cu m)
Engines General Electric CF34-3B MTO 2
Misc Space 452 cu ft (137.8 cu m)
Cruise Speed 459 kts
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exterior of bombardier challenger 650
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private jet in flight bombardier challenger 650

Additional Information 
Challenger 650

The Challenger 650 jet is for those who value efficiency, comfort, and luxury in their travel experiences. With impressive speed, range, advanced avionics, and features on board, this private jet is ideal for business travel. Its large cabin, range, payload capabilities and low operating costs make it a top choice for executives who need to travel frequently domestically and internationally. The Challenger 650 jet is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality.

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