Gulfstream G280
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3,385 nm
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8 Passengers
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Max Altitude
45,000 ft
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482 kts
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Super Mid Jet
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Gulfstream G280 Private Jet Overview

The Gulfstream G280 is an excellent super-midsize business jet, offering a harmonious blend of aerodynamic prowess, luxury, and performance. Its spacious cabin, efficient engines, and cutting-edge avionics contribute to its popularity among discerning travelers who seek unparalleled comfort and seamless connectivity during their journeys. Moreover, the G280's long-range cruise speed and impressive takeoff weight further solidify its reputation as a reliable and cost-effective option for both short and long-haul flights.

Interior Cabin Of The Gulfstream G280

Cabin Design and Dimensions

The Gulfstream G280 is a super-midsize business jet designed with a focus on luxurious comfort and exceptional performance. The cabin design of the G280 exudes elegance and sophistication, offering a spacious and inviting environment for up to 8 passengers. The cabin dimensions provide plenty of room to move freely and relax during flights. With a cabin length of 25.8 feet (7.86 meters), a cabin height of 6.1 feet (1.86 meters), and a cabin width of 6.9 feet (2.1 meters), passengers can enjoy a comfortable and airy atmosphere. The intelligently designed interior allows for customizable seating arrangements, including divans for added convenience.

Avionics & Cockpit

The aircraft's cabin has state-of-the-art avionics, such as the Honeywell HTF7250G turbofan engines, ensuring smooth and efficient flights. The G280 boasts a long-range cruise speed of approximately Mach 0.72, enabling it to cover up to 3,700 nautical miles non-stop, such as flying from New York to London or London to Dubai. This exceptional range and fuel efficiency are highly advantageous for executives and private jet travelers seeking intercontinental travel without frequent refueling stops.

In addition to its impressive long-range capabilities, the Gulfstream G280 is known for its flexibility in accessing airports with shorter runways. Its takeoff distance and wingspan make it well-suited for a wide range of airports, further increasing the convenience for passengers. The aircraft's advanced avionics, including the PlaneView250 flight deck by Rockwell Collins, enhance operational efficiency, providing pilots with the latest navigation tools, synthetic vision, and vision systems for improved situational awareness.

Baggage & Amenities

The aircraft features a generous baggage compartment which provides the convenience of carrying belongings securely during their journey. With a cabin length of approximately 25.8 feet (7.86 meters), there is plenty of room for luggage, making it ideal for business and leisure travelers requiring extended stays away from home. 

Additionally, the G280 cabin includes a lavatory, adding to the overall comfort and privacy.
Inside the cabin of the Gulfstream G280, travelers can enjoy a host of amenities that rival those of a five-star hotel. The customizable cabin can suit individual preferences, including plush seating arrangements, divans, and advanced entertainment systems.

Gulfstream G280 Exterior

The Gulfstream G280 boasts an elegant and aerodynamic exterior design, befitting its status as a high-performance super-midsize business jet. With a wingspan of approximately 63 feet (19.2 m), the G280's sleek profile enhances its efficiency and contributes to its impressive long-range cruise speed. The aircraft's contoured fuselage complements its appearance and contributes to its fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balance between speed and economy.

Gulfstream Aerospace has employed cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship in crafting the G280's exterior. The T-tail configuration and autobraking system enhance the aircraft's flight characteristics and operational safety. The G280's design also incorporates a sophisticated vision system, including synthetic vision, which assists pilots in maintaining situational awareness, especially during challenging weather conditions or low-visibility scenarios.

Private Jet Specs For The Gulfstream G280

Max Payload 4,000 lb (1,814 kg)
Wingspan 63 ft (19.2 m)
Luggage Capacity 154 cu ft (46.94 cu m)
Avionics Gulfstream PlaneView 250
Total Cabin Volume 935 cu ft (285 cu m)
Engines 2 Honeywell Engines HTF7250G
Misc Space 330 cu ft (100.58 cu m)
Cruise Speed 470 kts
Maximum Speed 482 kts
Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 39,600 lb (17,962 kg)
Takeoff Distance 4,750 ft (1,447.8 m)
Max Landing Distance 3,942 ft (1,201.52 m)
NBAA IFR 3,400 nm (1,201.52 m)
Avg. Hourly Operating Costs $8,876 USD
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g280 in the clouds
g280 flying over orange rocks
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g280 flying over water

Additional Information For The Gulfstream G280

The Gulfstream G280 sets the standard for the super-midsize business jet category, seamlessly blending functionality and luxury. Whether for short business trips or transcontinental journeys, this aircraft offers a remarkable combination of amenities, spaciousness, and performance. With its tastefully designed cabin, accommodating baggage compartment, and advanced avionics, the G280 is a favored choice among those seeking an unparalleled private jet experience.

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