With 25 years of experience in private aircraft management services and a nationwide infrastructure, we are highly qualified and uniquely positioned to manage aircraft anywhere in the U.S.
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Complete, Comprehensive Private Aircraft Management Services

Owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities and requires a significant time commitment. When you select Elevate Jet to support the operation of your aircraft, you have access to a full range of services, including maintenance, safety inspections, crew staffing, and so forth.

With our private aircraft management services, you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the stress of handling complex day-to-day operations because our specialists take on the immense workload that aircraft ownership requires. Whenever you need our services, rest assured we will be there for you.
Many jet owners rely on us as an aircraft management company to provide operational support for their aircraft; generate charter revenue to offset aircraft ownership costs; maintain their aircraft with routine and unexpected repairs as well as scheduled overhauls; and perform regular inspections. By optimizing aircraft logistics, we help owners enjoy the efficiency, convenience, and safety of private jets. We also offer world-class crews, detailed reports, and cost-saving discounts.

A Full Service Private Jet Management Company

Partnering with Elevate Jet means having a dedicated team of aviation specialists at the ready to help, whether it is to schedule your next flight or handle the cumbersome aspects of ownership. With a single point of contact connecting you to your team, it is much like having your very own flight department at your disposal, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Your team will efficiently coordinate your travel down to the minute details, including flight planning, ground transportation, dispatch, maintenance, and more.


When you join us, feel free to bring your existing crew. Alternatively, we can source a crew from our pool of industry-leading aviators. If you choose to have us put together the crew, we’ll oversee training, payroll, scheduling, insurance, and so forth.


Our award-winning technicians are annually recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for excellence.


We always meet FAA requirements by aligning your aircraft with domestic or international travel regulations.

Benefits Of Aircraft Management Services From Elevate Jet

It is with pride that we offer comprehensive aircraft management services to our clients. Some of the jet owner benefits of working with us include our world-class crew training programs, detailed report generation, accounting services, and purchasing power, which allows us to provide significant discounts on items such as fuel, parts, and maintenance.
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World-Class Training for Crews

Our crews serve as company ambassadors, and they take the need to embody professionalism seriously as they help you fly safely to and from your destinations. To guarantee the very best service to our clients, we ensure our crews are among the most experienced professionals in the aviation industry. All of our skilled crew members strive to achieve our company goal of delivering services that meet the highest standards of quality.

The level of safety we provide clients is one of the key advantages to allowing us to manage your aircraft. Due to our commitment to safety, we’ve been awarded the prestigious ARGUS Platinum safety rating — the industry’s highest safety rating that only the top 5% of private jet operators possess.
To achieve this rating, our crew members annually train at world-class facilities, where they go through state-of-the-art simulation training. They also complete a rigorous background check and are trained to utilize FAA-approved procedures. Finally, all crew members must pass strict FAA medical examinations and drug tests.

Reporting and Aircraft Accounting Services

Another one of the primary benefits we offer those who choose to have their aircraft managed by us is our accounting services, which ensure billing is always accurate. We accomplish this by cross-checking every charge.

Then, to be fully transparent regarding your aircraft’s finances, we prepare a clear and comprehensive monthly statement listing every cost related to your aircraft. These statements make audits easy, providing clients with complete financial transparency. As a result, our accounting services have even won the praise of many of our clients’ CFOs.

Our monthly statements begin with an expense snapshot. After the overview page, there is a detailed breakdown of costs. These reports also feature a crew expense report as well as information about the negotiation and procurement of your aircraft’s goods and services.

Discounts on Services and Fuel

Another advantage to working with Elevate Jet is our relationships with many private aviation companies. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with cost savings through volume purchasing power. Insurance costs, fixed-base operator (FBO) fees, hangar space rent, domestic and international ground handling services fees, navigation and communication subscriptions all become more affordable when you choose to have your aircraft managed by us.

Perhaps most importantly, you can take advantage of bulk purchase savings on jet fuel; fueling an aircraft is generally considered one of the most expensive ongoing operating costs in private aviation. With fuel discounts of up to 50 percent, this benefit alone can save private jet owners tens of thousands of dollars every year. Our relationships with parts suppliers and maintenance providers also lower expenses related to aircraft maintenance and parts replacement as well.

Offsetting Charter Revenue

Many owners choose to charter their jet through Elevate Jet in order to generate revenue to offset their operational costs. Rather than letting your aircraft sit in a hangar, you can charge us with putting it to work for you. That way, you can enjoy a consistent and predictable revenue stream from your aircraft even if you are not personally using it.

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