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Greg Raiff

CEO  |  Elevate Aviation Group

Over 35 years ago, I arranged my first air charter at age 18, filling a Boeing 747 for a Spring Break fling to the Bahamas for 472 of my fellow classmates. If I could do this, I figured, I could build a business around the concept. That thought became StudentCity.com, founded in my dorm room and then sold ten years later to an FTSE 250 company.

In that decade, we expanded to serve over 50,000 students annually, operated exclusively on chartered flights. I was hooked.

The experience of handling complex, often extraordinary charters evolved into the founding of Elevate Aviation Group in 2003.  Our team works with presidential candidates, rock stars and professional sports teams — some of the most demanding flyers since the Wright Brothers and Howard Hughes. Over the past 20+ years since, Elevate has expanded our footprint from that dorm room at Middlebury to a truly global business with professionals in Seoul, Sydney, London and throughout the United States. Our skill set has grown to include offerings in Maintenance, Aircraft Brokerage, Management, Advisory Services and Emergency Response Programs. Our vision is to be the most trusted source for aviation services anywhere on earth.  Not modest, and we’ve built an organization that is quite capable of delivering on that promise. We look forward to meeting your unique requirements in extraordinary fashion.

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