Mitchell Robson Promoted to Director of Maintenance

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Mitchell Robson, an experienced A&P-certified aviation professional, has been promoted to Director of Maintenance at Elevate Jet. 

Experience Needed For Director of Maintenance

Robson has demonstrated his knowledge and aptitude since he arrived at the company in 2022. With over two decades of experience at Duncan Aviation managing Bombardier and Cessna Citation projects, as well as service in the US Navy and Air National Guard, Robson's deep-rooted industry knowledge supports the continued expansion of Elevate Jet. 

As Director of Maintenance, Robson will lead a team of dedicated maintenance professionals who maintain company aircraft with diligent adherence to set procedures and Federal Regulations. Robson will utilize his expertise to oversee airworthiness and safe operations to ensure aircraft are ready for dispatch. 

"Mitchell's command of aviation maintenance aligns seamlessly with our commitment to preserving aircraft value and prioritizing safety for our customers and teams," said David Allen, Chief Operating Officer at Elevate Jet. "During his time as Assistant to the Director of Maintenance, he's proven his expertise in aircraft maintenance and leadership for the 119 positions he oversaw." 

By coordinating with AOG maintenance support to minimize downtime and delays, Robson supports Elevate Jet in ensuring all charter flights get clients where they need to be in a safe and timely manner.  

"Mitchell's decades in the aviation industry and service in the Navy and Air Force highlight the level of command and insight that contribute to the exceptional levels of services offered at Elevate Jet," said Randy McKinney, President of Elevate Aviation Group. 

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