Planning Ahead and Preparing For The Unexpected

How to plan maintenance as lead times grow, technician shortages increase, and supply chain issues continue. 

Author: Jim Slack, President, Keystone MRO

How Planning Ahead In Aviation Helps

Over the last few years, the aircraft market has experienced many challenges, including technician shortages, supply chain issues, and economic changes. The one thing that remains the same is the importance of aircraft safety. Whether it’s regular maintenance to ensure the aircraft is working correctly or a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed quickly, Keystone MRO is ready with answers and solutions. 

Schedule Maintenance Appointments Early

It is not unusual for an aircraft to need spare parts while in for regular maintenance.  Supply chain constraints can mean that it can take weeks to get parts that were routine procurements just a few years ago. Coupled with the industry-wide technician shortage and increasing demand, it is critical to set up maintenance appointments well in advance to ensure a smooth return to service.

Preparing for the Unexpected 

The key to dealing with obstacles the industry is facing is preparation. Knowing where to go when there is a mechanical problem and working with a company that has backup is essential. Keystone MRO is a subsidiary of Elevate Aviation Group (EAG). If an aircraft needs maintenance and a part will take time to be delivered, we have aircraft of all sizes on standby through a managed aircraft fleet under Elevate Aviation Group or our air charter company Private Jet Services (PJS). This is one of the benefits of working with Keystone MRO. You will always have access to aircraft through our integrated platform.

If an aircraft in maintenance is delayed due to parts or material requirements, aircraft of all sizes are available through Elevate’s managed aircraft fleet or our air charter wing, Private Jet Services (PJS).  This supplemental lift opportunity is just another benefit of working with Keystone MRO and ensures our clients can continue business without interruption.

How Keystone MRO Helps You Prepare 

Aircraft maintenance management services through Keystone MRO ensures your aircraft remains current, legal, and safe.  Whether you have a Director of Maintenance or not, our services take the burden off of tracking maintenance and airworthiness compliance and let you focus on your core business.  We provide weekly maintenance status reports including convenient scheduling options to eliminate the stress of maintenance planning and keep your aircraft available when you need it.

Some aircraft maintenance companies have been turning down work on older aircraft types. You won’t find that at Keystone MRO. Our technicians are highly trained and work on older aircraft and new models.  In fact we have worked on over 41 aircraft types this past year across 11 manufacturers.

Aircraft maintenance has changed over the last few years, but working with an MRO like Keystone with 30-years in the business and a culture of planning for the unexpected, ensures your aircraft's safety and reliability.

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