Safety Talks at NBAA-BACE


The National Business Aviation Association hosts the Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) as an opportunity for aviation professionals to connect with dedicated and visionary individuals across the industry. NBAA-BACE is the world's largest business aviation event that highlights innovations and explores the latest technologies in safety and sustainability across the industry.  The event hosts various seminars and offers extensive networking with thousands of aviation professionals, allowing companies like Elevate Jet to forge valuable connections while gaining deep industry insight to integrate into our ongoing commitment to providing world-class aviation solutions that prioritize safety and client experience. 

Safety Topics at NBAA-BACE

This year's NBAA-BACE hosted several highly valuable safety seminars, including Single Pilot Safety, Optimizing Pilot Performance and Safety Technologies. Each of these topics covered threats, risks, plans and contingencies for aviation professionals to integrate into their safety programs. Staying current with the latest in aviation safety practices and technologies strengthens our commitment to the high standards at Elevate Jet, prioritizing the well-being of clients and our team. 

Single Pilot Safety

The Single Pilot Safety seminar discussed identifying and managing threats through in-depth briefing and industry best practices. Significant topics included plans and considerations to support the mitigation of risks and threats. Thorough briefings incorporating threats, plans and considerations are critical to identify and manage threats. When briefing, it's integral to focus on relevant threats and interactive discussion, plans that manage relevant threats and focus on the bigger picture and considerations that include contingency plans. 

Optimizing Pilot Performance

During the discussion on Optimizing Pilot Performance, Quay Snyder, Aeromedical Advisor for Air Line Pilots Association, International, discussed prioritizing physiological and cognitive health as well as honest pre-flight assessments and ongoing training as integral to prioritizing safety. In the discussion, Snyder highlighted the impact of fitness and age on cognition on pilot safety. Specifically, he focused on the necessity for honest assessments every pre-flight with the I'M SAFE protocol:

  • I: Illness
  • M: Medication
  • S: Stress
  • A: Alcohol
  • F: Fatigue
  • E: Eating/Hydration


Assessing pilots with these integral aspects of physiological and cognitive health optimizes overall performance and allows crews to safely and effectively operate aircraft. 

Technology at the Center of Safety

The topics at NBAA-BACE additionally covered the latest safety technologies and their impact on the aviation industry. In this discussion, the focus was on what safety practices are involved in pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight, as well as what software and programs to use. Notably, the discussion included how safety practices are moving away from centralization and towards integration. 


Pre-flight safety technologies include software and programs for scheduling, risk mitigation, flight planning and regulatory services. These include report generators, runway analysis, NOTAM software, crew wellness reporting and scheduling and maintenance software. Each of these platforms is integral to maintaining safe operations of aircraft for passengers and crew. 


Safety technologies for in-flight provide, analyze or store information regarding flight planning and weather, in-flight communications, flight following, operational checklists and aircraft health and reporting. These platforms allow crews to make decisions and movements based on the top priority of safety. 


Post-flight safety platforms involve event recording, service request delivery, feedback and squawks. Post-flight technology allows for proper communication and the addressing of any necessary maintenance and/or concerns. 

Risks Of Technology

During the Technology at the Center of Safety discussion at NBAA-BACE, facilitators discussed the shift from the trend of centralizing safety technologies. Decentralization of safety technologies and responsible parties allows for better integration and mitigation of risks associated with the technology, including:

  • Stability of platform provider
  • Data protection
  • Physical and digital security
  • Bad actors
  • Costly integrations
  • Learning curve for users
  • Adoption rate

How It Applies To Elevate Jet

From single-pilot safety to technologies and optimizing pilot performance, each of the topics covered at NBAA-BACE are essential reminders of how to serve Elevate Jet clients best while prioritizing safety for passengers and employees alike. Staying current on the latest in aviation safety allows us to strengthen our ongoing commitment to safe operations and adapt accordingly. 

Upgrades to ARGUS SMS

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, Elevate Jet adopts the latest in software and technology to ensure we meet the high standards that keep our team and everyone who flies with us safe. Our current software, PRISM ARMOR, helps our teams manage documents, reporting for potential hazards, Pre-Flight Risk Analyses for pilots and Risk Assessments. With the new software, PRISM SMS, Elevate Jet will experience improvements to the hazard reporting flow process and user management as well as an upgraded user interface for smoother experiences.

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